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Animal register
Last update: 29.01.2019. 15:17
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Registering of herds and animals was started up in 1998. Registering and marking of bovine, sheep, goats and pigs and creation of the register were started up at the end of 2000. The maintenance of the register databases is being financed by the state. Creation of the Milk producers register and maintenance of the register database was started up at the end of 2000 in order to provide a detailed record of the purchased milk from each milk producer according to the quantity and quality indicators. Maintenance of the milk producers register database is also being financed by the state. The different types of registers are intended to be used also in connection with national and EU support animals.

Register of herds, holdings and animals in Latvia is being maintained according to regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No.393, dated July15, 2014 "Regulations on registering of animals, herds and holding".

According to animal and holding register regulations ADC:

  • creates and maintains whole state registers of animals, herds, holdings and their owners and keeper
  • issue unique identification numbers for cattle, sheep, goats, swine, horse
  • produces unique identification numbers for cattle, sheep, goats, swine and deliver to the client
  • produces passports for cattle only for exports
  • horses passports
  • provides consultations to herds owners and keepers about pedigree information data processing
  • processes genetics evolution information etc.

Each herd, holding, and each animal (except finishing pig-stock) shall be attributed a single, unique number. For marking of animals one has to order ear tags by phone or in the Agriculture data centre (ADC) electronical notification system.

Marking of animals with ear-tags can be done by a certified controller, herd owner, or person, who is trained by a certified controller or veterinarian.

The farmers have to notify information about animal within 7 days after each event (marking, movement, insemination etc., according with national rules and EU regulation) in the ADC electronical information system.

According to the European Commission of Decision of the dated 15th November 2010 for intra-Union trade by the Republic of Latvia no bovine passport is required.

A bovine passport is a document identifying an animal, for which the animal owner may apply, if the animal is removed to another Member State of the European Union or a bovine passport is required by a third-country competent authority, ADC data quality:

  • Automatic controls of incoming data
  • Cross-checking of notifications
  • Feedback to animal keepers
  • Supervision by central authority
  • Continuing improvement of I&R system
  • Electronic reporting system from slaughterhouses and rendering plants
  • Improved electronic reporting system from slaughterhouses
  • Renewal of the database, etc.

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