ICAR Executive Board on October, 2013 extended the Certificate of Quality to the Agricultural Data Centre for

The Certificate of Quality conforms that animal recording and genetic evaluation is done according to ICAR guidelines in Latvia - (info).

ICAR (www.icar.org) is today the world-wide organisation for the standardisation of animal recording and productivity evaluation. Its aim is to promote improvement of farm animal recording and evaluation through the formulation of definitions and standards for the measurement of traits of economic importance.


ICAR’s mission is to provide benefits to its member organisations through actions that they cannot do efficiently themselves:

The present structure of ICAR as a registered non-profit INGO provides for full participation of its members in developing - among other things - guidelines and recommendations on the basis of the sound scientific evidence. Guidelines represent a minimum of the requirements set up to ensure a satisfactory degree of uniformity of recording among member countries, and a maximum flexibility in the choice of methods.