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Electronic ear tag and microchip reader Global-Scan GS110 (ISO 11784 & 11785) for reading electronic ear tag FDX-B, FDX-A, HDX for sheep, goats and microchips for domestic animals

Process description

  1. Enquiry step
    A written request must be made to the Agricultural Data Centre for the purchase of microchip readers.
    Users of the electronic system can request a microchip reader in the Orders/New Service section.

  2. Processing step
    An invoice is prepared for the service requester and sent to the contact address or e-mail specified in the application.

  3. The step
    When a payment is received, the microchip reader is supplied according to the choice of the request.


496.11 EUR
399.19 EUR
273.35 EUR
870.85 EUR

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