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The agricultural data center keeps a database of dogs trained to attack a man.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    About a dog trained to attack a man
    1. The dog must be marked with a microchip (microchip) and registered in the database before commencing training. Marking of the animal shall be performed by a certified veterinarian.
    2. Prior to the commencement of training, the dog owner shall pay the State fee and, by means of the form 'Register page for a dog trained to attack a person' (Annex 1 to Cabinet Regulation No. 959), shall go to the person (merchant or State authority) who will train the dog.
    3. Fill in the form 'Report sheet on changing the owner of a dog trained to attack a person' (Annex 2 to Cabinet Regulation No. 959), if there are changes to the information regarding the owner or the holding of the dog and send to the Data Centre with an electronic signature.
    4. Payment of the State fee shall be made through the account of the Agricultural Data Centre.

  2. Receipt of services
    After checking the documents, the Agricultural Data Centre shall register in the Database.

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