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The equine animal (newborn foal) shall be identified by the age of six months by issuing an identification document (Horse passport) which complies with the requirements referred to in Article 7 of Regulation 2015/262. After the identification of the equine animal by means of a transponder, the assessment expert shall complete the registration card for the horse in two copies and hand it over to the owner of the animal. The owner of the animal shall submit the original copy of the registration card to the Agricultural Data Centre within seven days of the designation of the equine animal.

Process description

  1. To file a completed and signed Horse Registration Card
    The owner of the horse shall provide a completed Horse Registration Card signed and stamped by the weighing expert.
    For first-time identification, the registration card of the horse shall be available to the assessment experts.

  2. Preparing an invoice
    Upon receipt of the Horse Registration Card, an invoice or payment information shall be prepared, if the payment has been made online, sent to the owner of the animal to the specified e-mail.

  3. Sending Horse Passport
    Upon receipt of payment, the Agricultural Data Centre shall send the Horse Passport to the owner of the animal in accordance with the selection of the request.


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