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Production of data on individual requests for livestock, breeding and animal health, domestic (room) animals and other data maintained in the information system of the Agricultural Data Centre.
Preparing non-standard information in different formats, including arrays (ZIP files, etc.).

Process description

  1. Request to prepare data from the database
    The requester of data in the Authorised Section of the Farm Data Centre home page must write an application to prepare non-standard information from the database in different formats, including masseuses (ZIP files, etc.). The application shall specify what data is necessary for which purposes they will be used and on which carriers it is desirable to prepare and transmit it. Generating data is a charge service.

  2. Preparing data and sending an invoice.
    After processing the application regarding the preparation of data from the Agricultural Data Centre information system, an invoice for payment of the service shall be prepared and sent to the applicant.

  3. Sending prepared data to the interrogator.
    Only after payment has been received by the Agricultural Data Centre in the account, the data generated will be sent according to the selection of the request.


35.00 EUR

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