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As part of an e-service, a person may make a first-time registration of a home (room) animal online. To register a pet, it must be microchipped and with a passport. Owners must identify and register their dogs with a chip in an animal database of the Data Centre's home (room) (hereinafter referred to as the LDC database) until the age of 4 months of the dogs.
Dog registration is a fee service.
As from 1 July 2015, the dog owner (holder) shall ensure that the dog is implanted in a microchip and registered in the database on the name of the foreigner (except for a dog that is disposed of for permanent residence abroad - indicated only in the country).
Registration of cats and domestic ferrets is optional.

Process description

  1. Initial registration of a home animal
    The first registration of a home (room) animal online may be carried out by the owner of the animal himself or herself.

  2. Enquiry step
    If, as part of an e-service, a person does not carry out the initial registration of a home (room) animal online, consultations and registration of a home (room) animal may be carried out on the spot in the ZM CAC or VPVKAC customer service centres, taking the Personal Identification Document and Animal Passport with him or her.
    In the case of a veterinarian, where such a service is offered.

  3. The step
    The service is received in accordance with the application of choice.


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