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Natural persons wishing to start providing the service (s) for the evaluation, performance testing and monitoring of livestock, artificial insemination, ova and embryos transplantation must obtain a certificate.

Process description

  1. Submission of documents
    1. An application for a certificate for action within a specific scope must be submitted: accompanied by a copy of the education, training and practical training documents or statements.
    Payment information must be added:
    2. Documents may be submitted by authorising: in the Single Application System under Applications/Adding a completed Application, Educational Document and a certificate of learning practical skills in the relevant field of activity and a copy of a document certifying theoretical training
    2.1. by adding a completed application, a document certifying education and a statement regarding the acquisition of practical skills in the relevant field of activity and a copy of a document certifying theoretical training.
    3. Payment for the certificate shall be transferred to the account of the Agricultural Data Centre:
    Consignee: Agricultural Data Centre
    VAT max. No 90001840100
    State Treasury Rams Settlement Centre
    Current account: LV88TREL2160380004000
    Revenue code: 21499
    The purpose of the payment must indicate: Name of the certificate and the name of the holder of the certificate, Last name (if the payment is made by another person).
    4. The date of the examination shall be communicated to the receiving channel indicated in the application.
    4.1. If the examination is not passed, it may be re-organised in accordance with the procedures specified by regulatory enactments.

  2. Receipt of services
    After passing an examination, the Data Centre (3) shall, within a period of three working days after the taking of the commission's decision, include a certificate and a certificate in the register of persons who have obtained the certificate.
    At the request of a person, the Data Centre shall produce and issue a certificate (in the form of a paper document) in accordance with the selection of the request.

  3. Contact details of the industry association
    Agricultural Organisation Cooperation Council (LOSP)
    Republic Square Office 2, 523, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia
    Tel. +371 26311133


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