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Rectification of data in the register of animals, herds and holdings made on the basis of an application (in the number of applications submitted in the electronic reporting system) shall apply the fee in accordance with the LDC schedule.
Users of the electronic reporting system may themselves cancel erroneously entered events within 3 months of data entry, with the exception of movements (displacement and change of owner) and animals being re-entered in the register.

Process description

  1. Receipt of an application regarding data rectification
    In the application or in the section of the Electronic Reporting System, the user shall provide information on which data on the animal, herd or holding are to be corrected. Correcting data on the basis of an application is a fee service.

  2. Preparing and sending an invoice for editing data
    Upon receipt of an application regarding the rectification of data in the register of animals, herds or holdings, an invoice shall be sent to the applicant.

  3. Execution of the application
    Data rectification shall be made after payment has been received by the Agricultural Data Centre in the account, and the service is received according to the selection of the request.


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