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Electronic microchip - for the individual identification of horses and houses (rooms) animals.
The owner or person of the animal who is entitled to carry out the microprinting.
Microcarping is carried out by a veterinarian

Process description

  1. Enquiry step
    The owner of the animal or the person entitled to carry out the microprinting of the animal shall submit a written request to the Lauskaimburne Data Centre (LDC) for the purchase of the microchip.
    Users of LDC Electronic System can request a microchip in the Orders/New Service section.
    The technical specifications of the microchip reader and the instructions for use can be found in the section entitled “Electronic Identifier Reader”.

  2. Processing step
    An invoice shall be drawn up for the request of the microchip and sent to the contact information address indicated in the application.

  3. The step
    Upon receipt of the payment, the microchip (s) shall be supplied according to the selection of the request.


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