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Documents necessary for residents of the Republic of Latvia for the recognition of their professional qualifications in foreign states in the professions of an expert for the evaluation of agricultural animals, supervision and artificial insemination technician.

Process description

  1. Issuance of documents to Latvian residents for recognition of their professional qualifications in f
    In order to receive the information necessary for the recognition of professional qualifications in foreign states, a person shall submit a written submission (request) to the Ministry and a document certifying the performance of the payment. The submission shall be accompanied by a copy of the personal identification document, the documents certifying education and professional qualifications and the documents or copies thereof necessary for the receipt of the documents referred to in these Regulations. The application (request) shall specify:
    1. the name, address of the place of residence or residence of the person;
    2. a profession in which a person has the right to operate in the Republic of Latvia (the educational documents, professional qualification documents or other documents certifying such rights shall be indicated);
    3. the purpose of requesting a document (e.g. recognition of professional qualifications in the fields of an expert on the evaluation of livestock, supervision and artificial insemination technician);
    4. a profession in a foreign state in which the pursuit of professional activity requires the receipt of the document requested;
    5. the institution to which the document necessary for the recognition of professional qualifications in foreign states is to be transmitted.
    6. the content of the information to be included in the statement (the fee shall consist of the sum of these punts):
    6.1. the right of a person to pursue a profession regulated in the Republic of Latvia on the basis of an appropriate professional qualification;
    6.2. the professional experience of a person in a profession regulated in the Republic of Latvia;
    6.3. that a person has not been deprived or restricted from the right to act in a profession regulated in the Republic of Latvia due to professional offences or criminal offences.

  2. Examination of application
    May submit a submission:
    • personally (address: Republic Square 2, Riga LV-1010; tel. 67027240, 67027241);
    • by post (address: Republic Square 2, Riga LV-1010);
    • electronically signed documents with a secure electronic signature (

    Contact details: Agricultural Data Center,; Tel. 67027240, 67027241.

    Agricultural Data Center Properties
    Authority: Agricultural Data Centre
    Reg. No. 90001840100
    VAT Reg. No: LV90001840100
    Address: Republic Square 2, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia
    Treasury account: LV88TREL2160380004000
    Treasury: TRELLV22

    The certified statements shall be drawn up within 15 days of receipt of all the necessary documents.
    The agricultural data centre shall issue certificates in Latvian.

  3. Receipt of a statement
    Receipt of statements
    Prepared certified statements shall be received personally at the time of acceptance of LDC visitors after recording
    The certified statements may be sent to the person by post in a registered letter. The postal costs shall be covered by the request for a statement.
    Information Requests (application)