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In accordance with the time period specified in regulatory enactments (within 7 days from the event), the movement of animals, natural lecturing, farrowing (including abortion and stillborn offspring), identification, exclusion, exclusion of unmarked offspring may be notified electronically, complete a report on the situation in the herd accommodation, a summary of movement of pigs (also for self-consumption) and a group animal movement of animals (Hogs, wildlife, bee flocks), notification of animals to another country, enter data on milk sold, send an application to the LDC, order means of identification. Rescind misentered events for the users themselves. When using the Electronic Entry System, the holding shall not be required to keep the holding log in the form of a paper document. An authorised approach must be required to notify data and order goods in the Electronic Reporting System.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    - any event with an animal must be notified within 7 days.
    - Submissions may send an application for data rectification.
    - In the “Orders” section, you can select identification features and items. In the case of the choice of goods, the application must contain a compulsory indication of the type of delivery from the list.

  2. Settlement
    1. If ordered goods are sent to the owner of the farm animals full information about the order and the invoice for payment to the email address specified for communication.
    2. Customer pays service based on prepayment invoice

  3. Receipt of services
    1. The owner of the farm animals shall receive a notification regarding the execution of the requested service at the email address indicated for communication.
    2. The service or item is removed according to the selection of the request.

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