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Breeding societies (hereinafter - association) and breeding organisations of hybrid pigs (hereinafter - organisation) wishing to operate in the territory of Latvia and to realise the breeding programme must turn to the Agricultural Data Centre (hereinafter - data centre) in order to recognise the association or organisation and to approve the breeding programme.
The societies and organisations shall be recognised and the cultivation programmes developed by them shall be approved by the Commission for the Evaluation of Varietal Agricultural Animal Growing Associations and Organisations (hereinafter - Commission) established by the Agricultural Data Centre (hereinafter - Data Centre).

Process description

  1. To submit an application for the recognition of a breeding organisation
    1. The association or organisation shall submit a submission to the Commission (hereinafter - Application or Applications): The association or organisation shall submit to the Commission a submission regarding the recognition of the breed society or the organisation of breeding pigs and the approval of the breeding programme (Annex 1) in paper form or in the form of an electronic document, if it has been prepared in conformity with the regulatory enactments regarding the presentation of electronic documents. the design.

  2. Examination of application
    The documents submitted by an organisation or an association shall be examined by a commission in accordance with the by-laws. The by-law approved by the Director of the Agricultural Data Centre (hereinafter referred to as “LDC”) shall be
    published on the LDC website in the…. New Organisations are subject to a reimbursement fee, according to the Authority's schedule.
    Payment for recognition of a new organisation shall be transferred to the account of the Agricultural Data Centre:
    Consignee: Agricultural Data Centre
    VAT max. No 90001840100
    State Treasury Rams Settlement Centre
    Current account: LV88TREL2160380004000
    Revenue code: 21499
    The purpose of the payment must indicate: Recognition of the breed society and the breeding organisation of hybrid pigs

  3. Notification of the status of a recognised association or organisation
    The LDC shall, within five working days of taking a decision on the recognition of an association or organisation, include it in the list of breed farming societies and breeding organisations (hereinafter - list). The list of recognised associations and organisations of the LDC shall be placed on its website:…

  4. Contact details of the industry association
    Agricultural Organisation Cooperation Council (LOSP)
    Republic Square Office 2, 523, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia
    Tel. +371 2631 1133