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If the data of the holding register have changed, the owner of the animals shall inform the Agricultural data centre within seven days of the change. If the data is submitted in the form of an electronic document or paper, the Data Centre shall register the information in the electronic database within three days and after receiving the payment in the LDC account.
Information referred to shall be valid after its registration.
Registration of changes to animal holding - may be communicated electronically in the Electronic Login System of the Ministry of Agriculture Industry Portal (EPS)- customers, who is registered in the Rural Support Service.
In the event of a change of holder, an application with the consent of the previous holder must be attached to the holding card! The fee shall not apply if the Animal holding is eliminated.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    Changes in the data of the holding may be recorded:
    By authoring the in the Single Login System, under Applications, attaching a completed Stand Card.
    or the user of the Electronic Login System (LAD EPS) of the Rural Support Service may register changes in the data of the holding by the owner of the animals online in the Ministry of Agriculture e-Services System (ZM EPS).

  2. Receipt of services
    The service is received in accordance with the application of choice.


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