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The agricultural data centre maintains a database of dogs found to be dangerous. On the basis of the decision of the Commission of the Food and Veterinary Service to register a dangerous dog in the database. Make and issue a distinguishing tape for the recognition of the dangerous dog to the owner or holder of the animal upon receipt of the decision.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    The Commission shall, within one working day following the adoption of the decision, recognise a dog as a danger by implanting a microchip (the dog is microchipped). An appropriate entry shall be made in the passport or vaccination certificate of the dog's house (room) animal.
    Owner or holder of a dangerous dog: Covers costs related to the registration of a dangerous dog and the preparation of recognition marks for a dangerous dog (collar with reflecting tape and inscription).

  2. Making a set of marks
    Following registration of the decision of the PVD Commission in the LDC database, the LDC shall produce a distinguishing tape for the dangerous dog. It is made of red reflecting material and is at least 20 millimetres wide with a printed dog identity number and a Data Centre phone (minimum marks height: 2,5 millimetre);

  3. Receipt of services
    Upon receipt of the payment, the LDC shall issue a distinguishing tape to the owner or holder of a dangerous dog for the identification of a dangerous dog.


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