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The electronic message entry e-system was designed to announce animal movements, natural lecturing, farrowing (including abortion and stillborn offspring), identification, exclusion, exclusion of unidentified offspring, submission of an overview of the situation in the herd accommodation, summary of movement of pigs (including for self-consumption) and movement of group animals (Hogs, wild animals, bee flocks), send an application to the authority regarding the animal register and order means of identification. When using the Electronic Message Entry System, the holding shall not be required to keep the holding log in the form of a paper document. An authorization approach must be required to start working in the system.

Process description

  1. Enquiry step
    1. A completed application form may be submitted:
    - the authorisation of the Agricultural Data Centre on its home page through the Single Application System;
    - using the Application for Authority service in the portal
    On-site: pre-logon to LDC specialists.

    2 the application form regarding the use of the Electronic Message Entry System shall only be completed and signed by the owner of the herd.

    3. Attention!!! The application shall be signed by the owner of the herd or by the authorised person of the herd (legal person). Mail submissions and authorized password requests are not registered!

  2. The step
    Data entry rights shall be granted within 10 (working days) after registration and processing of the application.
    The authorisation password shall be sent to the herd owner or his authorised person in accordance with the application, in accordance with the selection of the request.